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Archive for November 2017

Debt vs. Bankruptcy

I am in Debt and I Don’t Think There is a Way Out When you can no longer keep up with your bills and start to fall behind on your debt, it’s time to act.  Debt collectors are calling and threatening to freeze bank accounts, calling employers, and even plan to sue. What can you…

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How to Get Out of Debt Fast

You’ve landed on this article because you’ve either fallen behind on your bills or accumulated more debt than you planned.  Unlike most people who ignore their financial problems, you’ve made the right choice to educate yourself  in becoming debt free. Getting out of debt – is simple.  Earn more money and gradually pay off your…

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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly

Credit cards are magical.  Credit cards make spending money easy.  It is all in one, convenient, fit perfectly into a wallet, and allow one to spend more than they planned or can afford to spend. The process is one step removed and makes us far less careful about it than if we were handing over…

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What is Bankruptcy?-A Quick Answers to your Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process involving a person or business that is unable to repay incurred debt. Usually, a debtor files a petition with the local court seeking a court order. A court appointed administrator gathers all financial information, assets, and outstanding debt details to obtain a debt repayment schedule. It is a common misconception…

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