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What is Bankruptcy

Credit Card Bankruptcy Basics:How to File for Chapter 7 & 13

Credit Card Bankruptcy

Although many people don’t realize this, filing for bankruptcy could leave you with many negative impacts on top of the positive ones. Sometimes, you may not even have any positive impacts at all, depending on your situation. If you’re considering filing for credit card bankruptcy, you should make sure to educate yourself on the subject…

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Avoid Bankruptcy with Bankruptcy Alternatives

All around the United States, people everywhere are in search for bankruptcy solutions. These people are stressed, worried, and anxious; they’re at their wit’s ends as they try to figure out a way to make it through their situations. All of these people have something in common—a goal that will bring them together in their…

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How to Avoid Bankruptcy and Overextending Your Finances

How to Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often seen as, essentially, a “get out of jail free” card for those who are having a tough time financially. Unfortunately, though, life isn’t a game of Monopoly, and bankruptcy may not always be your best (or only) option. In fact, filing for bankruptcy could potentially set you back for years in the…

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Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

With our economy hitting all-time lows, consumers are struggling to find ways to keep their heads above water to stay debt free.  When debt is piling up, it’s hard to ignore phone calls from angry creditors and aggressive collection agencies.  Most people get in debt due to a job loss, medical reasons, or catastrophic events.…

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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

While filing for bankruptcy may be an existing option, there are also alternatives to consider that won’t leave you with the same harsh consequences filing for bankruptcy would. Alternative options may also be a better fit for your circumstances, anyway, as a creditor might tell you. Keep reading to find out more about bankruptcy alternatives…

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What is Bankruptcy?-A Quick Answers to your Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process involving a person or business that is unable to repay incurred debt. Usually, a debtor files a petition with the local court seeking a court order. A court appointed administrator gathers all financial information, assets, and outstanding debt details to obtain a debt repayment schedule. It is a common misconception…

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